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Today's world of technology makes it more difficult than ever to verify our sources of information.

As a guiding principle to "conduct business in a way that develops trust at every level", I have compiled this page to help you in your search for not just a trusted resource, but a competent resource.

I hope the following reviews I have collected over the years will help you in your personal quest for help.

In the spirit of transparency, I have intentionally chosen to leave any typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors intact.

Darren Priest
darren priest picture



Wow so glad ive stumbled across your website. I have watched nearly every video and read all your articles. Let me take a minute to explain how much your efforts and teaching has ment to me. You are a born leader and teacher. I am throughly hanging off your every word. Although the videos are long they go into ao much detail which a beginner like me needs for reassurance . I am just a guy who loves his cars and your methods and detailed knowledge give me clarity in a word of hype and big business shoving products down our throats. Keep up the good work and i am paying it forward for you as you deserve no less for your great efforts!

J Hering

I've read some of the comments in your vids that compare you to Ammo nyc and I gotta say something; those videos are created in a fantasy world that 99.9 % of people don't even know exists. Come on, who in their right mind would be looking for teeny scratches with a microscope in their driveway? Not to mention that hocking your own product constantly, undermines your objectivity... In my view.
I just want to give you my perspective; The information you provide speaks to real people constrained by real circumstances, with a bend towards practicality. If you have any trace of OCD, and you watch those Ammo vids, there's a good chance your family will end up committing you to an insane asylum.
I'm not shitting you when I say, I watch at least a couple minutes of one of your vids when I'm done looking at car stuff online... Just to settle me down. For real man, what you're doing is promoting much more than car care, it's a mentality.
Just... Way to go man. Keep on keepin on.

Atilla A.

Hi Darren!
My name is Atilla and I live in Sweden, Stockholm. I have seen almost all of your videos on YouTube. You are amazing! Thank you for the videos, tips and advice! I am a young guy that drives a VW Passar 04. I love my car and I like to take care of it. Thanks to you I am taking care of it even better. As you say in your videos, there is so much people that talks about detailing but they talk garbage! Keep it up Darren! I wish you all the best. I will continue to watch you videos. Thanks to YouTube I can get the best advice although you are located on the other side of the world.

J. Styczyński

Hello Darren,
I just would like to thank You for Your work on DIY videos and posts. I come from Poland and I have just started my own bussiness which is auto detailing. With Your help I am able to deliver "superior" results to my customers. Here in Poland we have terrible weather. I wish I had weather like in Your region. Because of the weather conditions, which is snow, rain, lots of mud and salt in winter time, I cannot use Your fantastic wash method. Before every detail I have to wash a car with two backet system and as You know it is time consuming. I hope You will read my message, because I want to show You that You help people even in Central Europe in Poland. I really appreciate Your time and effort. Best wishes from rainy Gdańsk in Poland!

R. Procinsky

Hi Darren,
Over the past 2 years I have become fascinated with detailing. I restored my car last summer and truly enjoyed what I was doing. I found your YouTube channel and I have absorbed the info that you provided and you have helped me immensely. After watching one of your 30minute videos you said something that inspired me. It resonated with me, and I made the biggest decision of my 21 year old life. I believe you said something along the lines of "You will never know everything there is about detailing, and you will face problems that you weren't expecting. However just because you don't have all the answers doesn't mean you shouldn't start your detailing business". After you said that I started my detailing business that week. 
Thank you,
R. Procinsky

B. Grazier

We have spoke on YouTube a few times (B Grazier). I just wanted to again say thank you for everything that you do. You have saved me HUNDREDS of dollars and HOURS by me using the products you recommend. I used to watch this joker named Ammo NYC, it seemed good and I thought he knew exactly what he was doing. But that dude is a joke, some of his methods are good but overall he sucks. I couldn't believe it when I watched one of your videos, I was in shock. Then I started watching more and was thinking, "this guys method is faster and gets the same if not better results". That is when I dropped Ammo NYC and exclusively watch your videos and nobody else. I remember using a little brush to clean my entire door panel, then I saw you use a big brush and better products and JESUS it is so much easier. Thanks so much Darren, and if you need anything from me just ask!

D. Simpson

Darren, I absolutely love your YouTube videos and am one of your channel subscribers. I've been a driveway detailer since I first owned a car. Funny thing is that through time, trial and error I have found a lot of the same products that you use and endorse. That's not to say I haven't learned anything; I definitely have. I've fought water-spots on windows since day one. I simply accepted them as a part of life but your technique has made them a thing of the past. I have gotten use of some of the tools you recommend as well. You have a great conversational delivery and I think you truly missed your calling as you should be an instructor or in public speaking / public relations in some capacity. I haven’t watched all of the videos but I am making my way through them. I’m at about 40% now. I recently watched the one where someone got on you for ‘digressing’ so much. You’re always going to have the armchair snipers…especially from the confines of the internet and to that I say let the haters hate. The digressions are an effort to ensure full conceptualization of the ideas and techniques that you’re pushing and that escapes some.
I live in Wisconsin, so when you do the weather reports I really hate you. I’m not kidding when I say that I live in an arctic tundra. I live on the shores of Lake Michigan and there’s something about the lake and weather patterns that makes it colder, snow more, and in general more crappy here than in the Arctic Circle. The road salt does unimaginable damage to the cars. It’s winter here for about 6 months of the year. I see the condition of some of the older cars you’re working on and its mind boggling. I really have to move.
Anyway, I don’t want to take up much of your time, but I did want to drop you a line and tell you that I really enjoy the videos, and congratulate you on your business successes and the obvious happiness and contentment that your path has brought you to. Best to you and yours.


Hi Darren.
I am a mobile detailer out of SW Florida. I have been up and running now for 2 months and for lack of a better term, have been doing things and running my business based exactly on what i have learned from you almost to the tee. From products and techniques to handling customer expectations. I have been nothing short of a runaway hit. I made back my initial 2K investment in this business in 10 days. I, like you, like in a very affluent area where the cares are nice and so rates can be higher because people have the money. I wanted to thank you so much. I've never had this freedom, or income before. Being able to provide for my wife and kids on my own has so far been a great experience. No joke man, I have been your guinnea pig. No water tank, no power, no pressure. Keep it simple and minimal and I never believe the hype. I get to start my business today and get your experience and not have to maybe go through 20 years of learning curves. Youve figured out what works and I am able to apply that from day one. Forever grateful.

J. Franzell

I absolutely understand you man! And let me say that you give plenty back to this world. You've inspired me so much over the last year with your videos to actually take action in making something I love doing provide me that little extra money I need to get by. From all your product recommendations to your clever tips and tricks to your motivation to do things the right way, you express nothing but pure knowledge and I am so very grateful...

M. Wilhelm

I have had a computer business for nearly 20 years. In recent times there have been more and more regulations in my business and I've gotten tired of it. So I have decided to follow my love of cars and do a 180 and go into mobile detailing. Finding all kinds of videos and forums out there. I have found yours to be one of the most helpful. You show your experience so well that is very helpful. In the computer biz my clients have told me I am one of the best. I have more computer biz than I can handle but at the end of the day in this field everything becomes a emergency or its hard to make everyone happy. Once they lose there document there is no way for me to bring it back even after I fix there system so they where mad when they brought me there computer and they are still mad when that picked it up. In auto detailing its just never seems that way. People see there car after I am done and go wow look at that and give me a tip. I'm just loving it. Seeing all of your videos and information on your web site, I find that your one of the few that is truly on top of there game. I do read the detailing forums out there and a lot of the time I leave the forums just a confused as I went in. Most of theses guys just dont seam to have a clue. Anyways Ill stop rambling on and I just wanted to say
Thank You!

Jordan V.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your advice on this site/your videos.
While deciding between a DA and rotary buffer and reading many forums of people afraid of rotaries, despite their paint correction benefits (I only want one machine), as well as reading about many different brands of compounds, I came across your youtube videos and site.
I took your advice, and wow, am I impressed! As a first time car polisher, using the Dewalt 849X polisher and Menzerna compounds (PG1000 & PF2500) + Lake country pads (and taping any sharp edges on the car), I got a flawless finish on my daily driver so easily.(and with none of the burning/hologram issues most people on the forums are afraid of). I'm not left wanting anything else after this excellent experience, despite the million other choices on the market.
Thanks a lot! I'm so glad you put this honest info out there for everyone else to learn from

Robert P.

I just wanted to say thank you for your no bullshit approach in your videos and website. I have learned a lot from your instruction.

J. McGovern

Hello Darren.
I went on the net in search of boat detailers and came across your videos. I have to say that I was blown away to say the least. Your knowledge and wisdom are second to none. I live up here in the great state of Maine. I have been searching for some one like you for the past ten years to keep my boat in top shape. I my area their is no one that seems to have the knowledge when it comes to boats, many posers but no real McCoy's if you know what I mean. I have had my boat detailed several times but never completely satisfied with the results. She is a seventeen year old Four Winns that I purchased new and have babied ever since. Although well kept she is getting to be more and more work to keep her looking top notch. I have a problem with minor staining and chalking I just cant seem to find anyone in my area that has the knowledge that you seem too have. I do not have the patient's or skill level to tackle myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. John

G. Doyon

Hi! At the age of 52 I finally got a car that was for ME and not something that that family and our kids needed for transportation. I wanted some car cleaning tips and hit a gold mine with your YouTube videos! I love your straight talk, honesty and willingness to share your amazing experience.

Patrick O.

First, thank you for all your videos. I get what you are trying to do and I believe you are doing a good job.
Second (will be short as I'm not try to brag just get a level of understanding ) I have been a mentor to personal trainers for 6 years. Yep, I train trainers. Meaning public speaking, videos, writing manuals and blah blah on and on. With that said I'd like to bring up my third point.
Third, if you will allow me, I would like to share a piece of kind advice. Lately it seems you have been apologizing a lot for getting "off track" to the point of your videos. PLEASE PLEASE STOP apologizing. You know what you are trying to do. You know where you are trying to go. If you bend to everyone's will then it will stop bring fun and then you will quit and who will that help? Be you and your style brother. So far all o see out there are guys trying really hard to push product or their detailing bullshit school. You are one of a kind giving information out this way cause you want to help. I know you get paid some here and there but it's obviously not your main focus. The world needs more people like you in more fields!

M. Garcia

just wanted to say I love your you tube videos you conduct yourself very well. I watch hours of your videos to learn your ways as well as to get advice thank you for taking the time to do what you do I honestly do appreciate it. Thank you again and God bless.


Hey Darren
Graham from New Zealand here.
Just letting you know this has got to be one of the most informative, easy to follow and reassuring websites on engine cleaning out there.
You have given me great confidence to go out there and try it myself.
Awesome job...


Hello, I have read the information on your website and watched your videos militple times. I started doing interior mobile detailing for money 4 years ago on the side, but always loved detailing everything I since a teenager. I was never fully confident with it, until I started watching your videos. It was taking me so long to get jobs done and some products just didn't work. Then I started trying out your techniques and products. And Wow!! You are my one stop shop for everything, and everything you suggested and do, works!!! I spent so much time watching other people's videos and was left with pure confusion. I am so thankful for you and all your information. You explain everything so well, that I'm never left with questions. I just want to say thank you! You are helping me make my dreams come true!

Jeff Q.

Thank you for the Youtube videos & your honesty, it is most refreshing - especially in today's weird world.

C. Jurls

Darren, Thanks for all your tips! I own a small but growing auto detail salon in Louisiana it is growing faster than I thought really too fast! but that's a good thing. I just wanted to let you know that you have been a huge factor to my success.There is more to the story of how it came to be but I just wanted to say THANKS and I will continue to watch your you tube videos and keep learning . Keep on Shinning...

G. Townsend

When I encountered my first experience with Auto Fetish Detail Channel I loved it. Your videos were informative, entertaining, educational, thought provoking and often downright funny. I immediately clicked with your no-nonsense approach and was pleased to spend the time learning how to reduce the number of special purpose products (although there are still quite a bit of them) and still achieve the desired results. Very infrequently have I fast-forwarded through your “100,000 words or less.” There are just too many gems hiding in your diatribes to not watch it all. I share your frustration with online forums. You should check out Progressive Rock forums sometime. Sheesh.
So, thanks again…
Best wishes,
G. Townsend
Salt Lake City, Utah


I have to say, I stumbled on your YouTube channel the other day and have been watching the videos almost non-stop since then!
As someone who is looking into going into the auto detailing business, I want to thank you for your awesome tips and tricks!
No question here - just wanted to thank you for the time you spend making the videos and the website, people like me absolutely LOVE having a reliable resource like this!
Orlando, FL

S. Skov

Hi Darren,
I recently found your channel, while looking for videos on how to polish my car (Toyota Avensis from 2012), and have been addicted since! Two thumbs up! I'm learning a lot and will be detailing the car, myself, for the first time come summertime (I'm in Denmark, so that's gonna be a month, or two, away yet).
So I'm soaking up ALL the info I can from your videos....so thank you very much for uploading them.
I heard you say you don't have all the time in the world to review your emails, so keeping it short (and sweet? :P ). Keep up the excellent work!
All the VERY best regards and thanks for explaining everything in such detail,
S. Skov
Denmark, Europe

Kenneth W.

Just wanted to say thank you Sir for your videos and website as the information from both has completely changed my understanding of detailing. This new understanding and view of detailing has saved me time and as you say time is money. Once again thank you for spending so much of your time helping others.

James H.

A note of appreciation to you. You are so right on about the internet and these wannabe experts peddling their self aggrandizing bullshit. Keep on doin' what you do, man. You're honest, strait-forward, informative and refreshing. I've already fallen in love with xpress wax, amazing! Sharing that tip was truly selfless. You, literally, are the only source I've found trustworthy so far... not tryin shove products up people's ass, not trying to over-complicate everything so that you sound awesome... just strait info. You're a teacher, don't listen to the jabronies that nay-say. You're the shit, know that. I'll be buying all of my detailing supplies through your site and genuinely wish for your continued success.

Juan M.

Hello Darren,
My name is Juan and I am from Spain. I just wanted to thank you for everything you do. Your YouTube channel is amazing for any single amateur and even professionals of the detailing world. It is admirable that someone shares with others the knowledge and experience I guess you have acquired over the years, with the patience and dedication you have. Just wanted to encourage you to keep doing it and that you can realize that it is truly useful for people from all around the globe.
Best wishes from Spain

Pritpal P.

Hi Darren,
I know you get thousands of Emails. This is just to say that thanks to all your videos I have learned so much and prior to your videos been conned into some of the hype (Chemical Guys you tube bought so much of the products not that great!) I got some - Meguiars products delivered from auto geek via your site and hope you are getting some karma pay back. Any way if my numbers roll in tonight going to take care of you for all the videos you have done (hopefully you could just do these full time - if i take care of things $) - KEEP UP the great and very informative videos they are greatly appreciated and I always look forward to new ones - i simply think they are the best!!!!!!!!


I want to thank for sharing so much helpful information over the years.
I, like many other detailers started out working on my own cars, then friends and family.
I've been kept pretty busy these last few years as word spread about what I was able to accomplish and hence a small "business" began.
Many MANY times I've looked to your videos and reviews and cost saving tips in order to stay profitable and in demand.
A heartfelt thank you for all you've shared!
Believe me being a female in a mostly Male dominated field has special challenges. (I was also an auto mechanic in my younger days) many men want to stand over me to make sure I don't make a mistake LOL. Eventually I tell them it's an additional 75.00 an hour to watch.
With tips from yourself and a few other well versed detailers, my skill and proficiency improved and my reputation became such that folks now just leave their cars with me, and men no longer feel the need to supervise me.
A long winded thank you to be sure, but you have made a significant difference in my detailing way of life.
Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!!
Kind Regards
An ex-pat Aussie

Brent C.

Every time I need an honest answer on a product or a how to do answer I look you up!

Nicholas M.

Hey Darren, absolutely love your videos on youtube. In the past year i have taken over ownership of one of the biggest/ and oldest mobile detailing company's in my area. and i just want to say how grateful i am for your videos, you really have helped me expand my knowledge and perform at a high enough level to carry on this business properly. Anyways,  once again thank you for your videos and being so straight forward with your audience. every time im reading through the forums i start to feel so shitty about myself due to all these fancy products and what not that i dont have. but watching your videos reminds me that alot of it is bs and that i really do stand a chance. thank you so much, sorry for the super long message.

Jasmine T.

Hey, Darren
I'm not a huge YouTube commenter (at all), so I'm contacting you this way. I know that you're super busy, so I will do my best to be direct.
I recently got a brand new truck (Toyota Tacoma) and have been watching a lot of detailing videos to "step up" my game. I'm not sure how I found my way to your YouTube channel, but when I did--I have to admit I wasn't sure what to think.
I watched several videos and initially thought that using words like "ignorant" came across as a bit condescending; it raised my hackles a bit because I'm sensitive.
I changed my mind when I watched your two videos, "Business Tips to Help You Dominate."
I am an engineer at a VERY large company and I have to interface with my customer on a daily basis. A lot of companies have been trying to fix this problem for years now: that us "geeky" types may have the tech knowledge, but lack the social capability of talking nicely with other human beings.
Don't get me wrong--I see a lot of successful interactions, but I also see a lot of failures. Those failures usually boil down to an inability to communicate effectively and an inability to balance the push-and-pull of maintaining profitability and production while still giving the customer a quality product.
Sometimes I feel that focus on the "bottom line" makes us lose sight of the reason we have a "bottom line" in the first place: because the customer chose to trust us with the job.
I know this is really long, but I just wanted to say that I loved how you emphasized--TRULY EMPHASIZED--how important it was for you to do right by your customer, add value to the service, and still remain profitable (i.e., the "win-win").
I know it's dang near impossible, but how much better would the world be if we all strove for solutions where more people could benefit from them? I think everyone can learn from that.
Anyway, I live in an apartment, so I can barely call myself a "weekend warrior." I still love detailing: I like the process, I like the idea of taking care of something I own, and it is relaxing to me. I know it's not a high-end car, but I'm proud of it and I do what I can to maintain my vehicle despite not having my own area to detail in.
I've definitely learned a lot from your videos already, and I'm only a few in! I appreciate your eye for detail. It's silly, but I was sold when you talked about using scissors to trim the stray fibers on a carpet mat. I'm not even sure the owner noticed, but I was blown away by that.
All I can say is this: THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your experiences, your thoughts, and your techniques.
I don't think I'll go beyond detailing my own truck and some of my friends' vehicles, but I definitely feel more confident in my ability to make them look "wicked sweet." - Jaz
P.S. Add one more subscriber to your group!

James D.

Hello Darren, thank u for the many videos, a couple years ago I got a great deal on a C5 triple black convertible. I watched many videos and had a lot of trial and some error over the years, luckily not many errors, more less just results I wasn't happy with. Just recently I started watching your videos, I'll tell u why in a minute (recently).
I am a law enforcement officer here in NJ and I use to have a carpet cleaning business on the side till i suffered a bad back injury requiring surgery, so I understand  cleaning and PROPERLY mixing chemicals and how knowledge and technique is the secret.
So many of your techniques are identical to mine, by no way am I compairing  my knowledge to yours, I'm sure u blow me away, atleast u had better? Lol.... 
I remember watching a couple of your videos in the beginning and thought to myself this guy talks like we are all retarded and was turned off by your way of speaking, BUT it wasn't till last summer some officers at work really like the detailing that I do on my cars, I also have a couple toyotas and a Lexus.
I was approached and asked many questions, I meticulously  made lists of products and sold them some products, because I buy in bulk. I also would explain step by step in great detail on what to do and how to do and some got it (very few), some ok/acceptable  and HOLY SHIT...
some made complete disasters out of there cars, especially when realizing even after I told them, detailing ain't no joke, it's real work be prepared for your initial detail to be hours and back breaking and that u may want to do it over a couple of days.
and also exiplaine that after you do the initial detail, I will show u how to maintain with a waterless wash and it will be all down hill from there, still work, but nothing like the initial detail.
One of the guys that made a fucking mess of his car tried to blame me. He went to the store, saw meguiars cleaner wax and figured he didn't need to buy the stuff I recommended to wash and wax his car he thought the CLEANER wax meant, that he didn't have to wash his car, so use your imagination there!
That really pissed me off!
So now I don't help anybody, but I get it, now I know why u speak in the manner u do (most people are fucking stupid/lazy and just want to take short cuts, not that short cuts are always bad, but when u don't know what the fuck your doing, they are most likely going to end up bad) sorry I was wrong for judging u based on your way of speaking, but I get it now. Now I tell people watch YouTube like I did and figure it out so you don't do like one officer did and wax your fucking tires!
Yes he waxed his fucking tires, even after I told him twice don't get wax on any black plastic or rubber.
I will pay it forward, I am pretty well stocked right now, but in the future, I got your back! Thanks again for taking the time to make videos!

Sandro H.

Hey Darren,
As a person who always kept my vehicles fairly clean, I just got a new Dodge Charger R/T in white. I put black racing stripes on it by myself and had the rims powder coated black. Needless to say this car now looks badass now.
With a car like this I wanted to step up my detailing game and so I came across your youtube videos. Let me tell you man, I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos every night before bedtime.
You're a funny and entertaining guy and you've helped me get the right products for the job and showed me all the proper techniques to achieve PERFECTION.
I love it!
When people now see my car they can't believe it. It's a daily driver but it looks car show ready most of the time!
So anyway, thank you so much for sharing your expertise and next time I'm in SoCal I'll try to look you up.
Houston, TX


This is accolades.
You know what, this may seem a little weird at first but I just have to write and tell you how the discovery of your videos has recently uplifted me.
FYI this is NOT a fan letter, Jesus! I respect you, your family and partner.
It's a sincere gesture of support and thanks for the unique creative way you approach teaching.
You are exactly my age and in all the details you share I recognize your mindset, and the character of various people challenges you face.
( You must know some of the same douchebags that I do! )
But seriously, sincerely, and more to the point,
It's a delight to see your generosity, the genuine gift of hard earned experience you share so unselfishly, mister. I have continual learning around that.
I embrace it in my job and with many other things,
but I've been selfish with my craft, and maybe that's not a good mindset.
I think I want to behave more like you do.
Maybe it'll be what gets me unstuck.
As a visual artist,
I'm inspired by the fearlessness and originality with which you experiment and play with your brainchild.
There's excellence in the combination of product, tools and technique, you employ, you're a true craftsman.
A million years ago, I delivered body shop supplies and happen to own one bottle of meguiars vinyl and rubber cleaner. It's always been the best stuff.
But it's the business advice too! I feel re-invigorated by the prospect of wisely starting small as per your advice. Perhaps with detailing or something else! It doesn't matter as long as I can feel myself in it.
To break out of the mentality so prevalent in my work day to day, bless their hearts. I've been in a quagmire.
Well, anyway
The other day,
with my back killing me, a shameful pile of windex soaked paper towel growing on the ground next to my car, the inside back window barely satisfactory,
I began searching YouTube looking for professional detailing tips.
I never expected to find the quality of advice contained in the 5 or 6 videos I found posted by Auto Fetish.
Thanks for picking up my spirits and stimulating my brain to creative ideas, I'd almost forgotten how to do that,
how to get Into that mindset of wide open options and tapping my own rich resource of life experience.
All the best in all you choose to do, sir. You're a winner.

Jennifer in Qualicum Beach.


The simple truth is that there is simply too many products out there. As a fairly new detailer I have made mistakes in listening to forum opinions and purchasing useless products.
Thank you for your information which I find invaluable and simple. I use mostly Meguairs now and keep it simple and it works!
Thank you for being kind enough to help others and being straight forward and practical.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


Darren, can I say how your attitude, mindset, and detailing advice has made a difference to me and my detailing business. My life has changed and thank you! I am now dating  a girl from the States and coming over to tour and visit. I would love to get a follow back from you and if I could ever tell you  how your positive attitude has helped my depression and illness and earned me a living. Thank you 


North Wales UK