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"Information Overload"

You are drowning in a sea of free information called the Internet.
Endless choices from endless voices.

You're looking for answers, but you're asking the wrong questions.

The industry is filled with so-called experts that want to teach you how to build something they likely haven't built themselves. 

My mistakes don't have to be your mistakes!

See what my 35+ years of real-world professional experience can do for you and your world.

Darren Priest

Master of Detail

darren priest owner of Auto Fetish Detail


Real-World Experience for Your Real-World Journey


Industry Innovator

With a relentless pursuit to deliver results in the most efficient ways, Darren has innovated tools and techniques that have become mainstream in the world of professional detailing:

  • Rapid Remover
  • Meguiar's Xpress Wax
  • Magic Eraser
  • Bucket Jockey
  • Grout Sponge 
  • Eco-friendly APC
  • Ridgid 4 gal. Shop Vac

Industry Influencer

Darren's expertise has been leveraged by a diverse range of companies from within the detailing industry. From consulting to promotional advertising campaigns, these and other companies have leveraged Darren's long career knowledge and expertise:

  • Milwaukee Tool
  • Mothers
  • Maxshine, USA
  • Turtle Wax
  • Westinghouse
  • ClearCoat Solutions (CSi)
  • MobileTechRX
  • Competition Ready
  • Solo Build It

Industry Expert

Darren's expertise comes directly from the real-world of owning and operating a professional detailing business that started in 1988.
This is  the distinction that sets Darren apart from the ever-growing "YouTube Detailers".
Real-world experience for your real-world needs:

  • Business owner since 1988
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Website Design/Developer
  • SEO/SEM Specialist
  • Consumer Behavioral Psychology
  • Ad Copy Writing 

What People Are Saying

Real Reviews. Real People. Real Results.


D. Timpert

Darren, I have been viewing your YouTube videos for quite some time now and even though I have not commented on them, all the videos I have watched I have liked, and thoroughly enjoyed. You are the absolute definition of an ENTREPRENEUR, and have literally saved my life through your online mentoring. My absolute favorite video is when you talk about the Seven habits of highly successful people book. I read that, as well as the other books you recommended, and they were absolutely life changing for me. I have had a passion for detailing as well as reading and literature for as long as i can remember. If it was not for you, I would not be viewing the detailing business along with life itself as I do today. You are an absolute inspiration to the world including myself. I hope you know this. All of my detailing products I have bought since viewing your videos have been bought via your YouTube videos.
Much love from Pennsylvania!

A. Marrero

Hi Darren!
Adam here, down south in Enterprise, Alabama.
I am ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY at your DIY section. You truly have no idea how incredible that is
for you to share your thoughts on cleaning products, to include the Links to purchase those items on Amazon.
But then to give a breakdown and step by step instruction to literally do the exact same thing you do.
I am very thankful I stumbled across your videos, and this website, and I wanted to personally take the time
to write you and thank you for putting together such a wonderful website,
with SO many useful tips, tools, and tricks. This is absolutely fantastic.

Karl A.

Karl here in Denver. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your efforts. Your video/story regarding the 'No' client was simply fabulous. Your insights and knowledge is so extensive. The fact you would share this lesson is priceless. There is no one in your league, not even close. I
know how to much effort goes into these 'little' pieces. I'm a producer I know. Thank you so much.

Best, Karl

Michael P.

Hello Darren,
bear with me but I just wanted to say thanks. You and your videos have been a huge inspiration to me to go out and begin my own business, and I have.
I have learned so much from your lengthy videos that many others would claim too long and unnecessary, I strongly disagree.
You make your videos as long as you do for a reason and I am probably one of the few who appreciates it more than anybody.
You are truly an expert at what you do and you have all the experience to back it up.
As for me I am just starting out my business out of the back of my truck and it's a dream come true for me to be able to do that,
I look forward to any future videos you publish and I welcome with open arms any advice you'd be able to throw my way.
Again thank you Darren and good luck!

Jordan K.

Hi, Darren!
My name is Jordan and I'm contacting you from TX
I know you get a ton of messages to respond to and that you can't respond to all,
but I just wanted to say that I love what you're doing and you have been a huge help.
I have been "detailing" my whole life. Long story short I am in my first month of the business
of mobile detailing and as much as I thought I knew,
I couldn't be thankful enough that I stumbled upon your websites & YouTube Channel.
You have been a great help and I think the quick success of my first month can be greatly attributed
to the things I learned off of you. Keep on keeping on Darren.
Thank you!

Juan L.

Darren my name is Juan and I'm from Reno. You recommend me to buy two books that you sent me the link to. I got the books and boy let me tell you these are amazing books with a lot of information! I can't stop reading these books I read it before I go to work on my breaks and before I go to sleep! I'm learning a lot.  Thanks for all the help! I also wanted to say that I look up to you Darren. You keep it real and 100%. I hope on day I have the chance to meet you in person! Well thanks for all your help Darren!
Your friend,

Damon G.

Hi Darren , or should I say Mr. Priest . I just turned 25 , I'm a homeowner , have two vehicles, and married to beautiful wife for over 6 years . And now we are going to have a baby in under two months , sounds terrific right? Well one problem, JOB!! I'm trapped in four walls at a factory. Iv been there for as long as iv been married, and iv always wanted out , but it's like u just get stuck . Iv racked my brain for several years on what to do to get out of factory work , pest control, HVAC ,electric, lawn service, ,but I just bought a newer car a little while ago and cleaned it up real good , and it hit me in the face ,( I COULD DETIALS CARS ) iv always love backing up looking at the work iv done , why would I go this route? Because work wise , iv never had more urgency about doing anything else before , I immediately got online and what do you know , I found a teacher, Darren Priest. You have made this a lot easier, being straight forward about the business and all , it's helped dramatically, being able to find the things I need , when , how, and where to start, You are awesome at what you do , a million thanks , if I have the money for a plane ticket id come shake your hand , who knows I just might do that .

Melinda F. 

I just wanted to say thank you for the great videos and information, I am in the final stages of getting ready to start a mobile detailing business and was starting to feel overwhelmed by all the opinions, products, and processes, and that feeling that I'm 'not ready'. Your videos, explaining how simple it can all be, and that I don't have to have every piece of equipment and product that people seem to insist i need, gave me a bit more confidence that I can do this. The thing that really hit me was when I read your page about starting a business and the two points you emphasized were the two things that were beginning to paralyze me 1)that I will never fully feel ready, and 2)there is no one or perfect way to do anything. That advice from someone who is clearly successful in the business I want to get into, was exactly what I needed to hear. I will be building my 'portfolio' over the next couple weeks and then I will be taking the plunge and going for it.
Thanks again!